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Our approach to software development involves applying industry recognised best practices at each stage of the development cycle. By working closely with the user from the early stages through to the final sign-off and delivery, we ensure that all requirements are understood, documented and satisfied.

We strive to bring the same level of professionalism into all of our projects, regardless of the size of the client organisation.

Web and Mobile

Web Services and Web Applications are a natural way to project your company's business onto the world-wide web.

Whether you want to create an entirely new application for the internet, extend existing functionality or just revamp your current website, we believe our approach to Web Development will produce a better, more reliable solution that fully matches your requirements. We apply the same standards and techniques to create a simple small-business site as we would to produce a full corporate website or e-commerce system.

Our web solutions are based on Microsoft ASP.Net and Java technologies. They conform to the latest industry standards, ensuring that your investment is future-proofed from the start. We pay particular attention to designing our websites so that they will work across the widest possible range of modern browsers and incorporate the latest best practices for users with accessibility issues.


Our experience is based on years of working with systems both large and small. By combining a variety of best practices from large project work with the need for flexibility by smaller organisations, we have evolved a process of software development which we believe delivers an extremely reliable end product and satisfies all of the client’s requirements. In the medium/long term, such a system will always be the most cost-effective solution.

We have worked with accounting, stock control, order processing, subscription systems, communications software, point-of-sale, handheld devices, GIS, GPS and general office applications. We have experience of many different industry sectors including manufacturing, air travel, tourism, banking, police forces, fleet management, media, retail, insurance, sea freight, airfreight, telecoms and hotel management.