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Our knowledge and experience has accumulated from many years of working on a wide variety of projects, from small businesses requiring straightforward office systems, through to large corporations with point-of-sale networks having tens of thousands of users.

We offer consultancy services across a broad range of IT subjects including infrastructure design, network design, wireless networking, website design, application integration, office applications, point-of-sale systems and mobile computing.

Development Consultancy

For development of custom applications, web applications and software integration, we can provide a complete end-to-end service from design to handover. If you already have your own in-house development resources, we offer a development consultancy service to work with you from the planning stages through to completion. This may take the form of fully managing the project for you, perhaps just acting in an advisory role, or taking a position somewhere between the two.

Legacy Systems

Our IT experience extends across a wide range of technologies and systems, both old and new. This means we have the skills and knowledge to be able to advise on upgrading, migrating or the integration of older systems with complete confidence. If your business currently relies on legacy systems such as these, you may find our services useful in helping you exploit them fully.